An In-Person, transformative, soul-connecting, be-forever-changed, uplevel-your-life, experience!

Are you ready to Be Courageously YOU? 

Are you ready to move forward in your life with clarity and a sense of empowerment? 

Are you ready to FEEL ALIVE again? 

Are you ready to feel grounded and certain within yourself? 

Are you ready to stop your old patterns and create new, life-giving ways of being?  

Are you ready to give yourself the permission your soul so desperately wants you to give: to step into the wholeness of who you are and become who you are meant to be?

Join me and a small group of courageous women this September for an incredible, life-changing retreat.  

We will gather at a luxurious mountain home in Blue River, Colorado, just minutes from Breckenridge. The estate sits on nine forested acres and backs up to a national forest with beautiful hiking trails. 

The retreat will be an oasis of mind, body, and soul nourishment with the express purpose of releasing, rewriting, recentering, recalibrating, reclaiming, reconnecting, reassuring, renewing, and refreshing your sense of self and purpose. 


Release what holds you back

You are not the stories or circumstances of your past, nor are the stories you create about the future true - they haven’t even happened yet. It is time to powerfully release the stories that cause self-doubt, worry, stress, and overwhelm. It is time to release what is holding you back in your career, relationships, and other areas of your life.


Rewrite your story

Connect with Your Inner Wisdom and together you will write your Hero story.  This story of Truth will powerfully carry you forward into your life with a stronger, more grounded footing ready to lead your life with purpose and empowerment


Recenter Yourself

Through meditation, yoga, guided hikes, story work, coaching circles, and aha moments you will leave feeling centered and aligned with your authentic self, wise self.  


Reclaim Who YOU Are

It is time to reclaim all parts of you that were lost along the path of your journey so that you can powerfully walk forward with a deep sense of strength and purpose. 


Reconnect with YOU

There is a voice inside of you, the wisest part of you that is connected to Spirit. Spend three days connecting to Source inside of you and watch the magical unfolding happen.


Renewed and Refreshed Sense of YOU

Ahhhh. There you are. Present. Free. Calm. Powerful. Certain. Ready. Your life is waiting for you to meet Her from this place. It is time.


After a worldwide pandemic and all that you have been personally navigating in your life, the time to powerfully unburden yourself and step into your power is now. 

I am creating a chrysalis and inviting you to join me and rediscover your wings. 

I am inviting you to step off the hamster wheel, or jump off the tracks, and give your whole self permission to pause, calm down, rest, heal, and renew.  

You have a Light inside you that is so ready to shine. There is Light and Love all around you that wants you to receive all of it into your heart.  You are so worthy of this experience. 

Your life is waiting for you to meet her with a sense of purpose and empowerment that only the Authentic YOU can embody. 

Be ready to leave with joy, love, vitality, and clarity in your heart.  Everything is possible when you meet your life with the deep sense of knowing that YOU are the One you’ve been waiting for.


On Monday, September 19th, we will kick off the retreat with our opening ceremony at 5:00pm followed by dinner. You are welcome to arrive anytime that day and enjoy the hiking trails, meditation room (pictured here), hot tub, or go to town and enjoy Breckenridge.

Tuesday and Wednesday we will gather in circle as I guide you through sessions of deep releasing and powerful awakening. Dedicated alone time for reflection and contemplation is scheduled into the day with time outdoors or in the meditation room. We will do a mindful hike, have a yoga session, and more.  You will also have time to socialize, creating authentic connections with the other amazing participants.

Our closing ceremony will be on Wednesday night. 

Thursday, September 22 is checkout day. Breakfast will be provided. 

Each participant will have her own room.

I will assign the bedrooms on a first-come basis.

First to register gets the primary bedroom with ensuite bathroom.


I am currently in the process of hiring a chef who will prepare nourishing, healthy meals for us. 

The retreat home will be alcohol and drug-free.

All meals from Monday dinner to Thursday breakfast are included.


This retreat is open to only 6 women. 

The investment is $5,000.

Your investment includes all of your nourishing meals, your stay in the luxurious mountain home, and a transformational life-changing experience.

You are responsible for your own travel to the home.

Payment plans are available. 


Coming Home To Yourself is about cultivating the safety and security that ultimately we can only source from within to help fuel the courage and determination we desire to move us forward toward the life we want to create for ourselves. 

Join me in September and Come Home To Yourself, to your heart and soul’s desires, to your belief and trust in yourself. 


When women come together, shift happens. Together we will create profound shifts within ourselves and each other.

Imagine what is possible for you and your life, when you believe in, and trust in your WHOLE self!

Is it September yet? I'm so ready! Are you?

I'm Ready

Be Courageously You in 2022!


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