I invite you to join me on a six month journey of self-discovery.


Step into your courage, ignite your curiosity and start living your life from a place of wonder and awe.


It is time to give yourself permission to start living your life free of others expectations, free of the “shoulds and shouldn’ts”, free of overwhelm, perfectionism, and constantly doing.  It is time for you to thrive.

In our six months together, you will:

Discover and connect with your 1-in-a-billions Essence.

Gain clarity of two central questions: Who am I? Why am I here?

Embrace your inner worth and inherent value.

Boost your self-confidence.

Discover how acceptance is your springboard for action and joy.

Gain awareness of, and willingness to stop unhealthy habits that lead to overwhelm, perfectionism, comparison and judgment (especially of yourself).

Assess your life and begin to live intentionally (rather than at the whim of the external).

Learn how to take inspired actions and feel the way that you want to feel in your life - rather than making choices based on others expectations or “the shoulds.”

Take ownership and begin to make courageous decisions for YOU.

Gain the courage to say, “yes” and the courage to say, “no”.

Foster the courage to trust yourself.

Take ownership of your fears by facing them and beginning to dismantle them with grace and compassion.

Be well on the road to learning and practicing how to accept and love all parts of the 1-in-a-billions YOU!

The Details:

  • This is a 6-month program that runs from September, 14th 2021 through February, 2022.
  • There is a group component very similar to my Stop Waiting, Start Thriving workshop series.  We will have (2) one-hour zooms per month with workbooks and heartwork (journaling exercises) for a total of 12 workshops over 6 months.  Zooms will be on Tuesdays starting September 14th: 9:30am PT | 10:30am MT | 11:30am CT | 12:30pm ET.
  • You will have one (1) 45-min private coaching session with me each month. This is the time that we can individualize the work and dive deep into you, your life, your fears and your desires.  You will get personalized heartwork following your session. You will have a total of (6) 1:1 private coaching sessions with me.

I only have 12 spots reserved for this program and I hope you take one of them!

I’m thrilled that you are saying YES to you in this BIG way!!  You are worth spending time and money on YOURSELF!

Pay in Full: $2,800


6 Monthly Payments of $500


Excited to continue the work with you in September!



If You’re Ready For A Real Change And To Discover The True YOU,
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