Let’s Get You Back To Your True Self.

This is the page that I tell you what it is that I do as a coach, and the results that my clients experience. Marketing folk abound in the coaching industry, quick to tell me that I have to narrow down my niche and tout that I help my clients get one specific result. I have tried and it doesn’t work for me, because it won’t work for you.

My gift as a coach is that I can see in you what you have long forgotten about yourself (or maybe never connected to). I can sense your True Essence, the one longing to lead your life.  The part of you that is full of curiosity, hope, and enthusiasm. Through my coaching program, albeit malleable to your day-to-day life and what you are navigating, I take my clients on a transformational journey back to themselves.

This sounds so woo-woo, weird, Jill. What does this even mean?

Here’s the deal. I don’t coach in 1.2.3 steps. I won’t give you a specific one-size-fits-all formula because YOU are not a one-size-fits-all human.

My coaching program is designed with very specific intent to ignite ALL of you and guide you to begin discerning your own 1.2.3 steps. I empower you to trust your internal guidance and discover your way. 

Ok, I’m hearing you, “I still don’t get it.” What will be the result of my time and financial investment?  

This is the fun part! So much!

Are you seeking your purpose? I love purpose seekers. Yep, we will help you discover it.

Maybe you are not seeking your purpose but perhaps you are feeling numb in your current career? Or maybe your purpose right now is to put your time and energy into being a mom, and yet you feel unfulfilled. Woot, I’ve got you! 

We will ignite your sense of purpose and help you see why being in your career, or at home, is all part of your Divine plan. It’s time to elevate your enthusiasm for being right where you are currently, and help you discover where you want to head next.  A leadership, or volunteer role beckoning? We will help you find out.  

Really wanting to strengthen your relationships? Friendships, marriage, your kids? Oh, my friend. We are going to shift you, your energy, and how you show up for yourself. When your energy shifts, when you uplevel how you feel about yourself, all of the relationships around you will shift as well. 

Desiring to feel more alive? What if you are a powerful manifestor and had no idea? You will after working with me. Want to create some magic and miracles in your hum-drum days?  Sweet! Let’s get to work!

Here’s the deal, along the way to the higher vibe, sense of purpose, more empowered you, I will be helping you heal from the limiting beliefs that past circumstances and traumas have caused.  I bring years of coaching and training to my work; however, it is my superpower intuition that allows me to sense the thing behind the thing, under the thing, that is holding you back.  

I am usually not my clients’ first attempt to feel or “be better” in their lives. I am probably not yours. Perhaps you’ve tried diet plans, bought a gazillion planners, paid organizers, or spent a fortune on containers. Maybe you’ve been to a counselor (or five), paid for coaching programs, or read every trending self-help book. And yet, here you are. Why? Because what you need is the thing behind the thing, under the thing: we have to help you see your greatest potential of who you are meant to be, while simultaneously healing the parts of you that keep holding you back, so that you can become who you are meant to be.

This is my genius.


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