Ready to Fly, Volume 2

I am honored to have a chapter in Ready To Fly, Volume 2. The Women’s Anthology Project, Ready to Fly, was founded by Crystal Blue in 2017, in hopes of sharing inspiring and courageous stories with the world.

You are strong. You are worthy. You are loved.

“If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down.” -Buddha

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Parenting, YOU Choose

One thing is true for all of us: Every single human is navigating something, some pain point, some discomfort, some uncertainty in her life.

My hope in writing chapter 1, The Courage to Be You, is that I encourage all of us to embrace the hardest times of our lives in a new way.  To shift our perspective.  To allow ourselves grace and compassion during our darkest times, and to trust that a brighter light, a more promising tomorrow, lies ahead.

Only through greater self-compassion can we have empathy for others. Our world is begging for more compassion and empathy.  It starts within each of us.  This is how we heal ourselves.  This is how we heal our world.

YOU are a bright light.  YOU have so much to offer.  Your world needs YOU!


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I hope that my story, and the story of each courageous woman who said “yes” to this project, inspires you to always remember that YOU are whole, strong, resilient, and amazing.  May you too have the courage to fly.

With love,

To purchase your signed copy, simply click here!