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Last year was all about surviving.

The first half of this year, we’ve been meandering.


Now, it’s time to THRIVE.

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

The feeling of constant uncertainty in the world around you leaves you feeling unsure about what to do next.

You’re languishing in your motivations - you’re not depressed and things should be great, yet you’re not satisfied with your life.

You hear people talk about empowerment, and it just sounds so unachievable.

You WANT to be better at self-care yet taking the time out for meditation or a nap seems impossible.

You find yourself waiting for next month, next year, when you lose 10 pounds, when you make more money, when you get organized, when you...fill in the do something you really want to do.

You don’t feel like you have permission to be yourself.

When someone asks you how you are doing, you’re tired of responding, “Fine.” And yet, it’s all you’ve got.

It feels like if you start thriving, you’re taking something away from other people.

If even just one of these sounds familiar, don’t worry - you are not alone.

Join me this August for a series of three short workshops focused on tackling these very real issues and more.

My goal is to help you get from where you are now to THRIVING in 2021.

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How It Works

We’ll meet for three consecutive Mondays live for one hour in a Zoom room together where I’ll walk you through the week’s workbook (it’s more of a “play”book) and lesson. You’ll receive Heartwork each week, too, so you can continue your learning and transformation.

We’ll send out the replays each week so there’s no on-vacation or “too busy” excuse to keep you from benefiting with us.

You’ll also have access to a pop-up Facebook group where you’ll receive support from me and the rest of the community. Who knows! You may find your new bestie there while you’re at it!

We’ll have some amazing prizes for those who participate during the three weeks:

  • A Nordstrom Gift Card
  • A Pair of Noonday Earrings
  • Dolly Swag
  • A Starbucks Gift Card
  • And More!
I Want In!

What Past Clients Have Said

“Jill is an unbelievable resource and coach. I have come to rely on her wisdom, support, and guidance as I find my way forward in life. She has found a way to provide a foundation for her clients that is much more than discussion. If you choose to work with Jill, you are saying YES to ALL you can be.” - Beth Kang

“Working with Jill has created a shift in my life that I could not have imagined...I really only thought success, peace, and happiness were possible if conditions were “just right” in my career, marriage, and family. Knowing that “just right” never occurs, I hit a wall. My time with Jill was spent digging deep into my strengths, what brings me joy, and consistently connecting with my inner strength and worthiness.” - Jenny Weihl

“My life has changed, my wants have changed. I am interested now in being true to who I am and how I want to feel than pleasing others.” - Tesa Golden

“Working with Jill has given me so much strength and confidence. Our individual work has provided me with tools to quiet the noise in my mind and to see into my inner truth and love myself entirely. Group workshops have been so empowering knowing that I am not alone, other amazing women share similar experiences as I do and together we are healing. Building inner strength and living the life we deserve and desire.” - Sadie Welch

Are You Ready To Start Thriving?

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Here Are The Details:

Live Zoom Calls:
Tuesday, August 24th
Tuesday, August 31st
Tuesday, September 7th

Calls will take place at same time every week:
9:30-10:30 AM Pacific | 10:30-11:30 AM Mountain | 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Central | 12:30-1:30 PM Eastern

You will receive an invite to the Private Facebook Group upon registration.


Your Personal Commitment to Show Up for YOU!

I’m Ready to Start Thriving!