Cigars & Thanksgiving #both and #both/and #courage

You are such a giver. Such a doer. Such a caretaker. You give and do and love. You take care of the house and the work and the pets and the people. You are quick to praise them, encourage them, check-in on them and advocate for them. You are your people’s cheerleader, nurse, counselor, chef, Uber-driver, and shoulder to cry on.

This Thanksgiving, like all the ones before, you will be asked to reflect on what you are grateful for. And while this is a year like no other, full of losses on...

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Courage #courage #empowerment #expansive #gamechangers #heartandsoul #joy #lifecoach #playbig #purpose #rise #thecouragetobeyou #women

What the world needs most is women with courage! 

Courage to be yourself.

Courage to release worry about what other people think.

Courage to say no.

Courage to say yes.

Courage to be kind.

Courage to set boundaries.

Courage to stop pleasing.

Courage to stop perfecting.

Courage to stop overdoing.

Courage to BE.

Courage to be real.

Courage to be curious.

Courage to hope.

Courage to be vulnerable.

Courage to feel.

Courage to ask for help.

Courage to receive.

Courage to believe.

Courage to...

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