Are you desiring more joy in your life and purpose?

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I had a call with a client today. We are coming up on the end of her 6 months of coaching. She has experienced HUGE shifts in her life this year! Today she expressed feelings of joy, purpose, and empowerment.

I asked her if I’d ever told her my elevator speech? Truth is, how can I possibly sum up what I do in a few sentences?! Yes, she agreed. That would seem nearly impossible.

“I help women reconnect with their True selves so that she can live her life with more joy, purpose, and empowerment.”

Yep! Sums it up indeed. The in-between, the methods, the journey, that is part of the discovery.

If you are desiring more joy in your life, if you are looking for purpose, if you want to feel empowered within you, I am here for you.

You have to believe that you are worthy of the investment. You have to believe that you are meant for more: not more outside of you, more within you. You have to have at least a tiny inkling of belief in you. I can’t do that for you. The rest, I will show you the way back to YOU, to your Truth, to your Purpose, to your Joy, and to your own personal empowerment.

Best news of the day, she signed on for more time with me! Why? She is now on a springboard of her own power and she’s ready to up level her life to create what she’s being called to share with the world. Can’t wait to be her guide…not because I have the answers, rather, I am her guide to herself and her own answers.

Amazing work that I get to do. Truly! How do I feel? Full of joy, purpose, and empowerment. ❤️

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