Be Present

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BE Present. For in this very moment lies the joy and the peace that you most desire. I’ll show you. Play along with me?


Tap your leg. Tap tap tap. Notice what you are thinking about: How annoying it is you are tapping, right? (That tapping, present moment thought. ) Stay with me…


Now take 3 slow, deep breaths in and out of your nose. Notice the feeling of the air as you breathe in for 6 seconds. Hold. Notice the air as you breathe out for 8 seconds. Hold. In and out. (Close your eyes during the breathing for better effect.). Notice how you feel in your body. I feel ________ and _______.


In this moment, what are you grateful for? ________________________ and __________________.


When you think about that which you are grateful for, how do you feel? ____________ and _________.


By BE•ing present, you have now taken yourself out of stories or projections about the future, you have pulled yourself out of resentments or ruminations about events from the past. You have allowed yourself to feel: [calm, peaceful, joy….].


NOW, go create your life. NOW go live your life. NOW go and do. From this place of honoring YOU. From this place of BE•ing. You are a human be•ing. Not a human do•ing.


What if you could honor YOU each and every day?! Imagine how you might feel! Need a guide? I’m here for you. ❤️🌟

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