I am a recovering perfectionist

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My mode of operation was living through the belief that my self-worth came from outside of me…from other people’s perceptions of me and my own perceptions of myself. I believed my worth could be measured.

When I started my personal development work and started understanding what perfectionism meant, it’s barriers to true connection and how it holds me back, I began to loosen my grip on the striving and proving and doing to “be perfect”.

My next iteration was this belief that the goal is to be “perfectly imperfect.” I said this all the time. Not just to myself but to my clients. It feels like the next step in personal growth. To give ourselves permission to be imperfect…and to do it perfectly. It’s like a baby step.

The real transformation, however, comes when we get to the point that the perfect and the imperfections become irrelevant. The goal is to put it all down, show up in SELF-acceptance, and BE ourselves. BE YOU.

There’s a process that I take my clients through. It is a transformation back to themselves. It means noticing the layers like perfectionism and learning how to allow those habits to dissipate. It is a process. Through exercises, she learns what are her greatest strengths and what about those very strengths has held her back in her life. She learns to recognize her fears, where they are coming from and what meaning they have in her life. She learns how to see the greater picture of what this life means for her, and begins to sense her path forward. She learns how to tap into Spirit within her (The Divine, God, Holy Spirit, Inner Wisdom, Jones….each client connects with her own Power Source) and allows her True self to be her guide.

After working with me, she feels empowered with a new sense of self-confidence because she is not looking outside of herself for her worth and value, she is not seeking others validation to build her up, she doesn’t need to anymore. Coaching with me is a process. One that requires you to not be perfect or perfectly imperfect. It requires you to Be YOU. When we can have a safe, loving space to be ourselves every week, week after week, change comes. Big shifts take place. Life opens up. Possibilities lie ahead.

It’s kind of awesome.

I’m ready to help you release your grip on perfect when you are. ❤️

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