When I first met with a life coach, I was S.T.U.C.K

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And when we are willing to open our hearts and our minds to the expansive nature of the universe within us and around us, we begin to feel that we are not stuck, we are not less than, we are not alone.

Women come to me desiring peace, calm, balance, joy, connection and/or a sense of purpose in their lives.

I went to a coach years ago wanting the same. Wanting to be unstuck. Not understanding why I didn’t feel better in my life. If you haven’t heard my story, the short: my family was relocated from Dallas to Broomfield, Colorado and I had an internal freak out that left me feeling fearful, hopeless, uncertain, lonely and sad. Meanwhile, on the outside, everything looked “fine”.

Last weekend we traveled back to Dallas. The weekend was fun but I don’t miss it. The place I was so devastated to leave isn’t home anymore. We got back late Monday night to zero groceries. Tuesday morning I got up early to run to the grocery. On my drive home I took this picture on my phone through my windshield.

A brilliant cloud illuminated by the Colorado sky, with the mountains on the horizon. Home. As the day progressed, I saw numerous posts from friends and friends of friends in and around my community who were mesmerized by the same cloud. We were noticing, collectively, the majesty of something much greater than us.

Life from our human perspective can be incredibly limiting. We can feel stuck and fearful and uncertain. We can feel trapped in comparison, fueling our needs to perfect and achieve and please and do. We can be mired in fear, fueling anger, frustration, sadness, stress, anxiety, and depression.

And then we can choose to remember. Remember that we are not humans who need to connect to God (Universe, Divine, Source, Joan, or whatever your spiritual connection word is). We are spiritual, soulful beings already connected within and around us navigating this human journey. There is no limit. There are no constraints. There are no shoulds and have to’s and need to’s. There are choices and desires, hope and possibility.

When I first met with a life coach, I was S.T.U.C.K. in the thick of human stuff. My transformation was not overnight, and I will never be through. We never arrive. We say “yes” to a journey. We say “yes” to ourselves. We say “yes” to remembering who we are in our souls so that we can navigate the waters of our human experience with a perspective of connection and miraculous guidance.

In my work, I guide a woman to this place within her. Back to her soul, to who she is in the essence of her being. To her spiritual, connected, divine self. And her world fills with hope and expansive possibility.

I rarely post the “woo woo” Truth but you know what? THIS is what we are all desiring, even if we don’t know it consciously.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Who are you in the essence of YOU, in your soul? Let’s reconnect you so that you can begin to fully live in this human experience of yours. When you are ready to move from stuck to expansion, my heart is here for you.

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