Will 2018 be your year? Are you ready for YOU?

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I love this quote by Ruth Casey! Your life today, you created it. Not your work or your husband or your kids or your parents. You created your reality. I know, I didn’t believe that either at one time. I blamed my circumstances and everyone else.

I have spent the last 8 years of my life working on me, and the last three helping women change their lives. I’m here to attest that the power to change your life comes from within YOU!

You know what is the best part of accepting that you created your reality? That means that you have the ability to change it. You get to choose.

Often when I say things like this, what can come up is the “yea, but….that thing that happened to me I didn’t choose that.” Truth. I know. Hard things happen to us. AND, how we are responding to the thing is creating how we are feeling in our life today and the choices that we are making. Our response is creating our reality. (Example, if you are currently grieving, there is zero shame in the human and deep soul’s need to grieve. There is zero shame in a nap. Zero shame in saying “no I can’t go to the party or volunteer.” Zero shame in tears. Zero shame in the added/lost weight. Zero shame in the messy house. Has it been years? Zero shame.)

I am here for you when you are ready to change your life! We may not necessarily change anything on the outside, but how you feel about you and the choices you make, will shift in ways you can’t imagine. And when they do, your life changes.

It’s a beautiful thing, and it is a courageous act to say “yes” to YOU and change your life. You are worthy of the life you desire. Promise. ❤️

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