Is Everyone on Edge?

I was recently talking with a friend who had just returned from a disappointing trip to Hawaii.  “How could Hawaii ever disappoint?” I thought.  Never having been to Hawaii, she and her husband decided they were going to go big and stay at a high-end resort with their kids because the past year had been - well, it has been what it was with three school-aged children at home for months on end. She told me about the crowdedness of the island, the lack of service workers, the slowness of said service, the pool was even out of towels. She described long waits at restaurants and room service that never showed.

While these first-world problems were unfortunate, it was the behavior of the people that was most disappointing.  “Everyone was on edge. Everywhere we went. From the airport, to restaurants, to the poolside. It was like we couldn’t escape being around people that felt like they were going to blow at any moment.”

I know what she is talking about. I feel it too. I feel it at the grocery and when I run errands. I feel it on social media (lord help us). You name it, that feeling is there. I wonder if you feel it too?

Here’s the hard truth: we can’t fix the edgy people. We can’t change them or control them. We can’t tell them to take a big exhale, take a nap, take a load off, or take a hike. (We could try - I don’t recommend it.) So what do we do?

We look to what we do have control over - ourselves. Check-in with yourself. Do you feel on edge lately? Do you feel like you could use a giant exhale, a nap, or a beautiful hike? Do you feel like you are constantly holding your breath barely making it through the overwhelm of your day or your circumstances? You are not alone, I promise.

If we desperately want the world to take a giant exhale, if we are just so tired of waiting for a sense of calm to return, we have to look to make the only true difference that we can, to make a difference within ourselves. What can you do to soften your edges? What choices can you make to offload all that you are carrying? What if you trusted in yourself and stopped doubting yourself or in the ok-ness of your life?

I am on a mission to help myself and my clients feel better, less edgy. To give ourselves permission to exhale with compassion for ourselves and all that we are navigating in our lives. If you are ready to take a courageous step to feel less on edge, less overwhelmed,  and to step into a more empowered, calmer experience of life, I invite you to join me in The Courage To Thrive Group Coaching Program that starts in September.

This 6-month program runs from September 2021 through February 2022. We’ll have 2 one-hour Zooms per month with workbooks and heartwork (journaling exercises) and you will have 1 45-minute private coaching session with me each month. During this time, we will individualize the work and dive deep into YOU, your life, your fears, and your desires.

I only have 12 spots reserved for this program and I hope you take one of them.    
Sign Up Here:

With Love & Courage,
~ jill

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