Love and Hugs

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The winds of change and transition are upon us. Children are leaving, growing up, moving out, and moving on. Parents and grandparents are too. Jobs are transitioning. Marriages are well, marriages. Wherever this message finds you today, if you are experiencing change, transition, loss, a degree of uncertainty, a sense of a lack of groundedness, you are not alone.

Today I’m sending you a little lunchbox note. A note written to your Inner Child. To your tender heart or confused self. A little nudge of encouragement to be brave and allow yourself to feel the big feelings.

It’s ok to have big feelings today. You may not know what to do with them. That’s ok too. Your feelings aren’t bad, and there is nothing wrong with you for having them. They may feel heavy in your chest. They may make your eyes fill up with water and spill down your cheeks. They may make it hard to talk or even hard to breathe. They might make you feel like you could burst. Whatever emotions are welling up in you, they won’t stay forever, so long as you allow yourself to feel them.

There may be grownups who don’t like it when you have big feelings. That is ok, they can have big feelings about that, and it isn’t your job to stuff yours so they can feel better about themselves.  Be courageous and feel your feelings anyway.

Do not judge yourself for your feelings, even if others around you will. There are no bad or wrong emotions. You are a human being, and it is part of our experience to feel.  It is so normal to have big feelings when we do big things or go through big changes.

Take care of you. Ask for hugs. Take a walk. Drink lots of water. Write about those feelings. Give yourself gold stars for feeling all the feels.  Trust that you can handle the bigness of your own emotions.

Remember, you are thriving even when you feel sad, grief, and uncertain. The winds of change will work through us and signs of vibrancy and joy will return.  For now, trust in the transition and take care of you.

If you would like support to start thriving now, I invite you to join my Start Thriving workshop. This is my favorite workshop I’ve created thus far, and the best part about it, from my perspective, is it facilitates so much transformation without a big financial investment. In fact, I don’t even charge for it because I don’t want finances to be the thing that holds you back from this incredible work. I want to help you lean into your greatness and live in your Infinite Wisdom, and this workshop series is a wonderful place to start. We’ll meet for three Tuesdays in a row, beginning August 24th, and I know it will change how you see yourself and your greatness in the world.

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With Love and Hugs,
~ jill

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