A Little Note In Your Lunchbox

Take several deep breaths. Inhale, breathing in as much nourishing oxygen as you can, and hold. Exhale releasing all of your thoughts. Allowing your nervous system to slow down and hold. Repeat. Breathe until you feel a shift to a calmer, centered state.

Imagine that you are somewhere and you’ve taken your lunch along with you in a cute little box with Strawberry Shortcake on it (my vision loves a good Strawberry Shortcake) or in a paper bag or whatevs. You sit down and open up your lunch. You...

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What Would Be Possible If You Believed That You Are ENOUGH?

I think it is fascinating that as women, we are all subject to those universal “not enough” thoughts (not smart enough, not thin enough, don’t know enough….) and those “not worthy” thoughts. These beliefs inform a painful feeling of being unlovable or feeling like we don’t belong. We all have these thoughts that keep us disconnected from ourselves, from others, from our desired feelings, from creating things we want for ourselves in our lives.


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You Aare A Woman Of Courage

What the world needs most is women with courage!

Courage to be yourself.
Courage to release worry about what other people think.
Courage to say no.
Courage to say yes.
Courage to be kind.
Courage to set boundaries.
Courage to stop pleasing.
Courage to stop perfecting.
Courage to stop overdoing.
Courage to BE.
Courage to be real.
Courage to be curious.
Courage to be vulnerable.
Courage to be compassionate with yourself.
Courage to hope.
Courage to feel.
Courage to ask for help.
Courage to receive.
Courage to...

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How are you? How are YOU? No really, HOW ARE YOU?

I will never forget when my kids were three and maybe six months, and both were sick. My husband was traveling for work and neither one of them had been sleeping well at night or during their naps because of congestion. If they did sleep, it wasn’t at the same time. I finally schlepped the kids into see our pediatrician when I started thinking this was more than a cold. Dr. Burns walked in and did the normal inquiry and examinations of...

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Elevating Your Vibe in 2021

High Vibe

I have a hunch that your heart is deeply desiring to feel any number of the feelings above.

Everything you want to accomplish, to do, to experience this year is on your list and on your mind because underneath all of it, underneath all of those goals is a desire. A desire to feel something different, better. Something new. Do you want more energy? Do you want to be living your days...

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Outcomes Realized Even When Expectations Fall Apart

At the beginning of this year, I started a fresh journal. My first written words in 2020: I am here. I am open. I am willing. I am grateful. I am excited. Let’s do this! There is so much I want to put out into the world, so much change I want to help affect, and so many aspects of my life that I want to uplevel. While I have intentions for massive expansion, my systems don’t support this. Truth is, everything I’m desiring lies on the other side of compounded daily habits.


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You Made It Through 2020!

You made it!

Your resiliency, resolve, and primarily your big, loving heart got you here to these final days of December 2020.

As you walk through these last days of your year, pause and celebrate yourself for who you are, how hard you try, how much you care.

YOU are an EXTRA-ordinary person! I see that in YOU! There’s nothing you have to do, nothing else you have to be, nothing that you need to do for me to love you. May you accept these truths and send yourself infinite love. Yes,...

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Take A Moment For Yourself

If you’re like me, you’re busy with holiday preparations today, but I wanted to make sure that during all the hustle and bustle of this weekend, you’re taking some time for yourself too. Take some time to breathe and I’d like to invite you to gift yourself a little something here on Christmas Eve.

I want to make sure you’ve heard about my event coming up on Dec 30th: Reclaim Your Story: An End of 2020 and Invoking 2021 Ceremony. This is going to be a very special...

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May You Feel Present

How do you desire to feel on Christmas Eve and Christmas? Pause for a moment and get curious. Write down your desired feelings. So often we get caught up in all the to-do’s and then expect a special day to deliver goodness to us. If we are not intentional, we can miss all the goodness that is right there in front of us.

This week I’ve been asking my clients how they want to feel. Here’s what I’m hearing: present, calm, relaxed, comfortable, happy and joyful.

Me too! My...

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You Are the Storyteller

You are a master storyteller. Every day you craft stories in your head about all kinds of things. Whether you are paying attention to your stories is irrelevant. They will evoke feelings.

What types of stories are you creating all day?

For starters, you make meaning of things. Look around the room you are in. What is in it? What does it look like right now? Notice the meaning you put on what you see. Pause and notice how you feel. Maybe the room you are in is beautiful, neat,and tidy, and you...

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